Moor it safely:

It is amazing how many owners will spend hours maintaining their boat and then neglect one of the most important things - its mooring.
It seems only yesterday, but four years ago Club Marine published an article about the importance of maintaining a swing mooring.

Swinging moorings should be viewed as a last resort for berthing a boat. Although much cheaper, even in the secluded bays of Mallorca, they offer the least protection and there is the additional difficulty of getting to and from them. Every year some boats break their moorings and get washed up on the shore.
“The rate of damage to boats at their moorings is ridiculously high, as is illustrated by the photo taken at the beginning of November. This happened in moderate winds!! ......
The chance of damage can be greatly reduced by taking a few precautions. Regular inspection, care in making it fast aboard, adequate mooring cleats, a chain that is not too light with no worn links. Also unsuitable shackles which are not properly ’moused’, chafe on unprotected rope bridles. Your boat will be veering through 360 degrees and it is only a matter of time before any cleat or bow roller saws through any rope. The ideal solution is to use the Anti-chafe mooring line referred to on the blog published August the 26th
Added to this there is the inevitable risk of other boats getting out of control when trying to pick up their own buoys - and not much can be done about that!”
A mooring block for a vessel up to 30 feet needs to be at least 1200kg when immersed in water.