Boatshed Palma international yacht brokers are really pleased to welcome Cecilia Vera to the team!

She brings with her a wealth of experience, along with personality and energy to the team, to bolster the team's vast knowledge in super yachts, motor boats and yacht, along with marine engineering, boat maintenance, skippering and boat work package management. This manifests itself in a team that is expert in all types of boats, how they're built, maintained and how they work - this is really important when selling boats and we think we're the only brokers with all of these talents!

Here's what Cecilia has to say:

My name is Cecilia Vera and I’ve joined Boatshed Palma international yacht brokers as an agent to help fulfil my passion for boats, which started when I was an open water swimmer, 20 years ago. I used to swim 8-9 km races as such as Mal Pas in Mallorca and others in Formentera.

I have always worked in sports - sports help with courage and perseverance and, in Spanish, "afan de superacion" - for this I’m really grateful.

When I started surfing and got onto my first surfboard, I grew to understand how the sea works and became interested in the nautical industry.

On my first boat I started as a personal trainer on board cruise liners. I was working as a fitness instructor, pilates , yoga and public relations, along with seminars in nutrition. I was working with an American company on board at South America, in Colombia, Aruba, Panama and Venezuela.

I learned a lot about living onboard, imagine having 800 crew members! After this I decided move to recreational boats, such as private yachts, motor boats, sailing boats, super yachts and charter boats.

I started as a stewardess, providing a luxury wine, champagne and cocktail service, along with housekeeping. Furthermore I trained as deckhand, where I learned how to look after a boat’s exterior - polishing, valeting, and looking after teak decking.

Due to my experience working on boats, I became an expert and grew my expertise in all parts of boats. Every year I retrain on various courses such as speedboats, passenger ships, on board communications and more.

I have worked in some very well known boats, up to 67m, but our client confidence prevents me from naming them for you!

I’ve enjoyed public relations for my whole life and, for this reason, when I saw an opportunity into work with Boatshed Palma international yacht brokers, I took it! My first contact was with TimKingston, who manages Boatshed Palma international yacht brokers. He asked me several detailed questions about boats in general and then he interviewed me with’s Operations Manager, Samantha Cassell.

Everything was done safely during quarantine and Boatshed have given me a sound education as an agent and fully support all of my ideas – we speak most days.

For me, it's a dream job! This job makes me feel alive! During quarantine we could still do really productive work, as we're completely set up for remote working - in my opinion human beings show their best strengths in adversity.

I did my first interview two weeks ago with International Yacht Radio, which was great fun - I talked about my experience as an agent and how I started. Rhea Roua, the founder of this radio station, gave me the opportunity and it was a really amazing experience, despite my nerves - they really are professionals and are a great multi media platform. Soon, I have another Interview on Ib3 Channel, a local Television from Mallorca – watch out for it!

Nowadays, I not only work as an agent, but my goal is to become the best broker and build my career with Boatshed, who gave me this big opportunity.

Everyday my team and I feel great, because we work really hard and learn something new every day!

Dear reader I hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you for your time and do stay in touch. If you have a boat that you'd like to sell, please do call - Boatshed sells boats faster than all other yacht brokers!